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The Aquaguard DUO is a water purifier that continuously purifies your water to prevent recontamination and comes equipped with Global, RO and UV technology of G.RO.UV.TH. Aquaguard DUO has a unique programmed UV that re-circulates the stored purified RO water periodically, inactivating harmful disease-causing bacteria and virus, So that your family drinks pure and safe drinking water. Again and again.

MRP Rs.19,490/-

All Features

Last Point UV Purification System
It provides purification just before the outlet, ensuring contamination-free water at the time of consumption.

Re-circulating Pump
Water is circulated through the UV Disinfection Column for 5 minutes every 6 hours to ensure purity of water.

Self Cleaning System
This ensures superior and effective membrane performance by auto-cleaning regularly (1 minute of cleaning every 2 hours).

Enhanced Storage Capacity
The purifier has an ample storage capacity of 10 liters. So, rest assured you’ll never run short of safe drinking water.

Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer
This special cartridge enhances the membrane life and improves water flow, keeping your purifier functioning effectively.

Intelligent Interface
It is equipped with 4 Intelligent Indicators for added convenience:

1 Power Indicator: Illuminates to indicate faultless functioning of the electrical circuit.
2 Water Process: After 30 seconds, if everything seems fine, water purification begins.
3 UV Lamp: In case of UV lamp failure the UV LED blinks.
4 Tank Full: Illuminates to indicate when the tank is full.

Technical Specification

    Dimension (W*D*H) in mm    (400*246*568)

Net wt    11.7 kg

Power rating    40 Watts

Total Dissolved Solids    500 mg/lit (min) – 2000 mg/lt (max)

TDS reduction    90 % (approx)

Note*    Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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