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We understand that when it comes to your familys health and well-being, there can be no compromises. Which is why the Aquaguard Enhance UV comes equipped with Global and UV technology of G.RO.UV.TH, featuring a 6-stage enhanced purification process, ensuring that the water you drink is absolutely pure and crystal clear. What‘s more, it offers you complete protection from New Age contaminants and dreaded heavy metals like lead, arsenic, iron, magnesium and mercury. A first among ultraviolet (UV) purifiers. Its msart auto-fill technology assures you purified water on tap by purifying and storing water on its own. Automatically detecting availability of water and electricity necesssary to purify water. So you no longer have to store water and keep filling bottles any more. Now, go ahead and make the smart choice. Enhance protection to your family.

MRP Rs.12,990/-

All Features

Enhanced Treatment (UV&UF) +
The 6 stage water purification system ensures your drinking water is always safe, pure and crystal clear. Free from disease causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Enhanced Protection+
Complete protection from new age contaminants – lead, pesticides, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals. A feature only available with AquaguardTotal Enhance UV.

Enhanced Storage+
Freedom from storing purified water in containers thereby ensuring purified water on tap at all times.

Smart Indicators
Helps the user identify the different modes of the purifier (Power On / Off, Purification Process, UV Fault and Power Saver Mode) through LED and buzzer indications.

Smart Auto-Fill
Ensures water is filled automatically in the storage tank, so that you do not run out of pure drinking water ever.

Micro-controller based electronic impulse producer prevents scaling on quartz glass tube of UV reflector housing. Keeping your water purifier functioning effectively.

Smart Auto Shut-off
Automatically shuts down the water flow into the tank in case the advanced software of the unit detects any anomaly in the UV system and alerts the user. Thereby, ensuring safe water at all times.

Dual Flow Tap
Two-way tap to control the flow of purified water.

Technical Specification

  •     Dimensions( W x D x H ) in mm             316 x 251 x 46
  •    Storage Tank Capacity                                8 Litres
  •    Filtration / Purifications modules   Clarity Cartridge
    Miracle Cartridge
    Chemi Block Cartridge
    Micro (UF) Cartridge
    UV Disinfection System
  •     Power Rating                                           20 Watts
  •     Input Water Pressure                          0.6kg /cm (min.) – 2.0 kg /cm (max. )
  •     Input Voltage                                          230 V AC / 50 Hz
  •     Input Water Temperture                   5 – 45° c
  •     Input Water Turbidity                       15 NTU (max)
  •     Input Water Iron                                 0.3 ppm (max)
  •     Input Water Chlorine                         2 ppm (max)Note: If the pressure is higher than the maximum specified, use of the pressure-reducing valve is required.This accessory is available with our company at an additional cost.
    Net Weight    6.3 Kg

    Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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