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The new Aquaguard Reviva equipped with Global and RO technology of G.RO.UV.TH removes harmful bacteria, virus, lead, pesticides, chemicals and excess TDS from water. Its Silver Surety technology further enhances purification efficiency and inhibits growth of waterborne bacteria and virus. Providing you with water that is not only 100% pure and safe but also tastes great. Just the way it should.

MRP Rs.14,490/-

All Features

  • Unique membrane cleaning system
    This ensures superior and effective membrane performance.
  • Silver Surety Technology
    Silver impregnation enhances purification efficiency and inhibits growth of water-borne disease-causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa.
  • Enhanced Booster pump
    It drives the water through the membrane with high pressure to ensure constant flow of water.
  • Large storage capacity
    Comes with ample storage capacity of 8 litres. So, you never run short of safe drinking water.
  • Tamper-proof Reject water valve
    This ensures that there is a continuous and steady reject water flow which helps in cleaning the membrane surface. This water can be collected and reused, thereby saving precious water.
  • No Dry Running of Pump –
    Saves dry running of pump by shutting off automatically, if there is no input water, thus protecting the equipment.
  • Transparent tank
    This enables you to always be aware of the available quantity of purified water, in the tank.
  • Automatic water Level sensor
    The Automatic water level sensor controls the water level inside the tank automatically and shuts off the pump to avoid overflow when the storage tank is full. It also resumes filtration when some quantity of pure water is withdrawn from the tank.
  • Dual flow top
    Two-way tap to control the flow of purified water.


Technical Specification

  • Dimensions (W x D x H) mm                                                       320 x 275 x 410 mm
  • Net Weight                                                                                         8 kg
  • Water Flow Rate**                                                                         8 litres/hr
  • Power Rating                                                                                   25 Watts
  • Input Voltage                                                                                  230 V AC/50 Hz
  • Water Pressure                                                                                0.6 kg/sq cm (min) – 2.0 kg/sq cm (max)
  • RO Membrane                                                                                 TFC Spiral
  • Recommended Total Dissolved Solidsin Input water      500mg/ltr(min)-2000 mg/ltr (max)-RO
  •                                                                                                                 100 mg/ltr(min)-500 mg/ltr (max)-NF
  • Maximum Total Hardness in Input Water    600 mg/ltr (max)-RO
  •                                                                                         300 mg/ltr (max)-NF
  • Recommended iron content in input water    0.3 ppm (max.)

** Flow rate depends on the input water pressure and conditions of the filters.

Note: If the water pressure is higher than the maximum specified, use of the pressure reducing valve is recommended. The above accessory is available with our company at an additional cost.
***Input water quality and TDS content are important determinants of output water Quality

Note*    Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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