prod-558Product Overview

The mighty and powerful Xtreme Vacuum cleaner comes loaded with an array of smart features. Go ahead bring home the Big performer.Bring home Euroclean Xtreme.

* Available only through the trained health specialist of Eureka Forbes.

All Features

  • Stage air filtration
    • Powerful 1200 watts dry vacuuming
    • Stylish Swiss design with stainless steel cover.
    • Auto cord winder for easy storage.
    • Super suction and aesthetically brillant.

Technical Specification

  • Voltage                                       230 v AC, 50Hz
  • Input Power * (IEC)              1200 watts
  • Suction of Motor*                 2300 mm/wc
  • Unit Weight                             6.120 Kg
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H )    580 mm x 250 mm x 235 mm

*At Mean Sea Level (MSL) (All figures are nominal values)

Technical Specifications are subject to change without Prior Notice

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