prod-560Fireguard 5B Household

Protect your house from fire.Presenting Fireguard Fire Extinguisher with instant strike activation.It is handy and easy to use and controls all (See Features) types of domestic fire. Fire spreads in moments,stay prepared with fireguard.

MRP Rs.4,990/-

 All Features

Controls various types of fire :
( A ) – Solid combustibles
( B ) – Flammable liquids
( C ) – Gaseous
( E ) – Electrical
( F ) – Cooking oils and fats.

Space Age Patented Technology : Fireguard uses state – of – the – art technology to help you react instantly in a fire emergency.

Extremely light in weight : This handy fire extinguisher is light enough to be handed with ease and by anyone, when it really matters.

No maintenance : Fireguard requires no maintenance or refilling, which means that you never incur additional costs on it.
Easy to use : As easy as it can be said STRIKE.
Eco – friendly: The device is non – pressurised and bio – degrable making it truly environment friendly.
20 Years Warranty.

Technical Specification

  •     Dimension    10″ long x 1.3 diameter
  •     Net weight    200 gms
  •     Jet Emission Time    25 seconds active.

Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without Prior Notice

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